Caught My Eye

Heading towards the metro stop-Odeon-my attention was caught by several windows along the way.

Don’t these lace curtains just say, “Paris”?

I wish my reflection weren’t in this photo so you could see the lady better. She was in the baking area of the Paul Boulangerie and when my friend and I smiled at her and looked interested she got very animated and put on a little show.

A dessert cart in the window of le Procope. They have these floor to ceiling windows that push up letting fresh air in which looked pleasant as long as fumes from the road don’t drift in, or a pigeon or two.

It was chilly this day and a sign promising a heated terrace looked like a good idea.

These two chairs at a bistro almost tempted me to go in. It just looked comfy and the sort of place you would want to have drink at in Paris.

2 thoughts to “Caught My Eye”

  1. Linda, love these photos. I spent a long time looking at the last photo. Know what I was thinking? I just can’t figure out which chair I would sit in and which chair my husband would take. I guess I would have to try both. Looking forward to Paris again. Will be there for 3 days in early November on our way home. Maybe we can meet this time?

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