Orsay Museum

I made a quick visit to the Orsay Museum the other day to see what had been done in the recent renovation there. It turns out that it’s pretty much the same except that the post Impressionists, such as Van Gogh, have been moved downstairs. They no long allow photos inside so I didn’t get any of art work but they do allow some of the architecture there.

The beautiful clock overhead at the entrance.

A look from above where you can tell the building was once a railroad station, a very elegant one.

You are able to see through two large clocks there.

Sacre Coeur in the distance seen through the clock.

The other clock is in the restaurant.

What the clock looks like from the outside.

7 thoughts to “Orsay Museum”

  1. Brilliant photos Linda, that is one museum I haven’t been too. I was to busy walking the streets of Marais and other areas .. or sitting on one of Ponts listening to the musicians 🙂

  2. Great minds and all of that. I was in the Orsay 3 weeks ago and took virtually the same photos. It was a surprise that we couldn’t take photos of the paintings. If I remember correctly the other 14 museums we visited weren’t so restrictive.

  3. So beautiful. Nice that they moved the ipressionists downstairs. I thought van gong was given short shrift when I was there

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