Old and New

Paris is packed with places built centuries ago and many times it turns out to be a boulangerie/patisserie. I recently saw such a place up on Montmartre, and, although it is old, it was new to me

The exterior which was used in the movie, Julie/Julia. Meryl Streep comes out of the shop and then is magically in the 6th via editing.

Look at this grand ceiling. I don’t think you can find that any more except in something built over 100 years ago.

Lots of great tile in the interior.

I especially loved the croissants and baguettes tied up in ribbon.

You often find a picture of a windmill on boulangeries in Montmartre as there used to be many in the area used to grind wheat into flour.

Hot croissants starting at 4 AM. I don’t think this is true any longer but I think the bakers get up that early to start making all of the baked products.

5 thoughts to “Old and New”

  1. That ceiling is amazing. Imagine living in a world where they paid such attention to detail. I bet it smelled delicious too.

  2. A new bakery would never be that nice, but they do open pretty early still. I think you can get a hot croissant in my town at 6am.

  3. Love these photos. Beautiful scenes. Wish we were there. Life in SoCal a bit hectic right now. Hope to see you this summer-maybe?

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