Dinner With French Friends

A nice French man and his female companion often have us over to dinner. He has never served the same thing twice and I always wonder what we will be having. He does all the cooking although his girl friend often does the starter.

The starter with fresh, ripe tomatoes and hearts of palm-really good.

This is quenelle, a sort of fish dumpling. I wasn’t sure I could eat it but it turned out to be very mild and not too “fishy”. The sauce was really rich and I couldn’t finish the squid ink pasta-a big no no with the French. You are supposed to finish everything on your plate but I couldn’t eat any more.

Wine from the region where we used to live in Provence. This vineyard has a really beautiful garden.

Cheese of course. No salad though. I was glad, being so full.

A simple light dessert with four different types of ice cream.

He had this in his apartment-a bird with wifi-get it?

7 thoughts to “Dinner With French Friends”

  1. I would have had a harder time with heart of palm than black pasta. Do not like them at all. Short but heavy showers in Paris for the last 2 days (not many however).

  2. The started looks delicious, although I’ve never eaten heart of palm. My nightmare is being served something I don’t like in a French person’s house. I guess you just choke it down, huh?

  3. That does look like a lot of food…but all delicious and unusual by my everyday American standards anyway…do they make allowances for you being not French? I wonder if they starve themselves all day when they are going to be at someone’s home for dinner? I would have to do that I think, in order to eat a full meal with all those courses.

  4. The bird with WIFI is hilarious.

    I have such fond memories of the lovely gardens at Val Joanis; I brought home one of their terra cotta wine coolers, which I first saw chez vous, as well as olive wood wine coasters and stoppers.

    I’m going to use your friend’s dessert idea: the 4 different kinds of ice cream make it special.

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