I am writing this from the apartment of a friend in New York City. We arrived here yesterday after visiting my parents in Scottsdale, Arizona. My father, who is almost 90, is not doing well and the hard part about all of this, other than seeing him decline, is being in France and not being available to help my Mother. They both seem to be doing well considering all that is going on.
I thought I would post some early photos that I took when I first arrived in Paris so very long ago.

I went to the top of the tower at Notre Dame by myself as Maurice was working and saw the gargoyles up close.

Incredible view of the Seine.

One of the figures on top unseen from the ground below.

4 thoughts to “Away”

  1. I am sorry your father is not doing well. I am glad you got to make the trip to AZ. Enjoy your last few days in NY and fly home safely. Love the gargoyle photo.

  2. Thanks for this glimpse into your newly French life. I can’t imagine how you were feeling then — excited, nervous, wondering what the heck you were doing in a country where you didn’t speak the language. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope your visit brought some relief to both you and your mother.

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