New York City

Gosh, I love New York. I love the energy and the architecture…and Central Park. We were there a week and had a great time. I took so many photos. Here are a few with more to follow:

We went to Central Park just about every morning to walk/jog. This is a famous fountain there. It was so lively with people everywhere enjoying themselves. Except for two rainy days, every day was just lovely.

Brooklyn Bridge. We took the subway over to Brooklyn one day and then walked back via the bridge with many, many other people.

While on the bridge itself.

Times Square at night in the rain. We went to two Broadway plays. We got the discounted tickets during the afternoon which required standing for a very long time in line, once in the rain, once in blazing sun. I love going to those plays. They are always so well done. One of them was I’ve Got A Crush on You with Matthew Broderick. We were sitting there waiting for the play to start and the lady behind us said to her friends, “I certainly hope Matthew is in the play tonight. His wife gave a party to raise money for Obama today ($40,000 a person to attend) and I’m wondering if he will make it with the horrible traffic here.” He made it. It wasn’t the best play I have ever seen but the music by the Gershwin brothers was so good. He was good too.

Seen in the evening near the apartment where we stayed. We did an apartment exchange with a friend and got to know the East End of New York better than we did before.

This elegant building was on Lexington Avenue.

Some steps I liked. I love the architecture around New York. It resembles London in many ways.

This elderly lady was walking nine dogs. They all seemed very well behaved. I’m always worried a cat will cross their path and mayhem will result.

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