I Heart NYC

I’m a sucker for sunsets. This one from the Empire State Building.

This sunset was up Fifth Avenue. It was really glorious but not this red. The Instamatic App did this which I like-rather dramatic.

I’m very taken with these outside stairs seen all over NYC. Maybe it’s because you see them in so many movies but they seem to mostly be found here.

A bridge in Central Park. I think I read that there are 150 bridges in the park and that each one is different.

This is the memorial for John Lennon in Central Park which was always surrounded by people. It doesn’t always have flowers on it but it did the morning we saw it.

We took the Staten Island Ferry, which is free by the way, over to Staten Island and back. It was very refreshing on a warm day to sit on the deck and just relax.

One of the reasons to take the ferry is to get a look at the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t go very close though. I think there is another ferry, besides the one that takes you there, that goes closer. I heard the Statue is closed as it is being renovated.

3 thoughts to “I Heart NYC”

  1. Wonderful pictures, thanks. They bring back memories. Those “outside stairs” are really fire escapes.

  2. You know, it seems impossible but I think this is the first time I’ve seen the Lennon memorial. Very Interesting; and I love the Brooklyn Bridge pic. Have you read McCullough’s book about it? It’s fascinating. Glad you had a good visit and the weather didn’t get you down.

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