Once More

Can you take a little bit more of my photos of NYC? I have so many and, really, no one to look at them but Maurice or me.

This is called the Flat Iron building because of its shape and it is quite famous. We made the trek to have a look and found some interesting things along the way. One was a place called Eataly full of Italian food and items and packed with people eating Italian food. It was an enormous store. We also happened upon the John Dorey Oyster Bar where we stopped for a drink and Maurice had some oysters. It had such a great interior, sort of like Key West. Macy’s was in the neighborhood too and we picked up a few things, exciting things like underwear.

It was nearing sunset and the Empire State Building was nearby so we decided to see if the lines were long. It turned out that we got in really pretty quickly but I would hate to be there when it was really crowded. As it was we snaked around many lines, in and out of rooms, then had to wait for small elevators. First you go to the 80th floor, then take another elevator to the 86th floor and then you can take one to the top, the 102nd floor. which is totally windowed in with scratched windows so I think it was better on the 86th floor.

There’s the Flat Iron building far below.

There’s Macys claiming to be the largest store in the world. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it sure seems to be true when you are inside.

The sun reflecting off of the memorial building going up for part of a 9/11 memorial. It will be the highest building in NYC and I imagine there will be elevators going to the top. I visited the site a few years ago and decided to wait until it is finished to visit again.

A quick video of scenes here and there in NYC.

4 thoughts to “Once More”

  1. More great photos. I don’t get tired of them. We have a flatiron building here in Columbus. I’ll have to take a picture sometime so you can compare!

  2. As Jersey Girl, I was SO excited when I was back home in May to see how much progress has been made on that tower at Ground Zero. Last summer when I was there, it was just a few floors taller than the highest surrounding buildings; now it’s nearing its full height. The skyline has looked so empty since 9/11; it won’t ever be the same but having this tower rising from the ashes makes a real difference. I’ve never actually visited the site; I couldn’t bear it. But when the construction is complete downtown, I want to go and see the memorial. By the way that tower isn’t only the memorial; there are millions of square feet of real estate in there to replace some of what was destroyed.

  3. You have made me think about going to NYC 🙂 never been to USA. And now I want to go to Eataly sounds yummy 🙂

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