St Pancras London

After Wimbledon we had a short time in London and didn’t have to time to do much but walk around the St Pancras station where we would catch the Eurostar back home. It’s so nice that they preserved what they could of St Pancras when they did a renovation at the cost of 800 million pounds. It’s Victorian in style and has been called the cathedral of train stations. It’s enormous inside with shopping and restaurants, metros and train lines there.

The exterior.

The entrance to the hotel there. We went inside and it looks very elegant. We almost ate there at a restaurant but decided to go to a pub instead so we could watch the tennis on TV while eating. I don’t know why we are so into watching tennis as we don’t play anymore and never did more than average when we did, but we do, so there you go.

Part of the interior where the restaurant was.

We shared a dessert called Eton Mess, a new discovery to me. So good.

We stayed at a hotel in East Putney which wasn’t that impressive. I took this photo of the library there as I’ve never seen book shelves for books set up this way. Our room at the hotel was nice but there was no air conditioning so the window had to be left open. Our room overlooked a very busy street so we needed to shut the window and use a small electric fan but Maurice didn’t sleep well so we asked for another room away from the street and ended up in a room with a window opening to a hall, no a/c, and with a sort of cave-like feeling and a bad mattress. Part of the experience of travel but we decided not to use boutique hotels anymore as there always seem to be surprises-not in a good way-or B&B’s for that matter. Just the tried and true major places where you know, usually, what you are getting.

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  1. I think a lot of places in the UK do not have air conditioning, we don’t normally need it .. Love your photos of St Pancras. It was a poet john Betjeman that saved St Pancras, there is a big statue of him upstairs… there is also a huge statue up there named the Meeting Place. John Betjeman used to live in the town a mile away from me, and we have a parc named after him.

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