Tuleries Garden

I’m not usually a fan of the Tuleries Garden. It just doesn’t seem to have enough trees or flowers like you find at the Luxembourg Garden and your shoes always end up coated with dust when you walk there but I was there on a Sunday evening and had a great time.

I thought the metro stop seemed really full and this was why-a fair or fete is underway for two months.

Small sail boats are rented here-two euros for thirty minutes-to sail on a fountain.

Children, usually little boys, are given a stick and they push the boat which works amazingly well, catching the slightest breeze and zooming across the fountain.

At one end of the garden is the Louvre Museum, at the other the obelisk at Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe further on, with a glimpse of the Arc at la Defense.

3 thoughts to “Tuleries Garden”

  1. I love the last photo with the backlighting. A two-month fete is something! We were having dinner recently at an outdoor mall and saw that they are renting sailboats to kids at the fountain there. Needing to put a typical American spin on it, the sails are remote control. Forget the sticks.

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