Dinner in the Park

When the two month fete with its ferris wheel and other rides arrives at Tuleries, there is also a restaurant that is set up as well. My daughter in law said she comes here at least once a week while it’s here.

It is set up here, just past the ferris wheel.

It’s a tent, but one with chandeliers and many tables open to the outside.

They had roses too.

And look what we had-roasted beef served on a platter. It was really good.

A little further on from the restaurant, a section of the Louvre Museum glowed in the setting sun.

There was a TV there showing the Soccer World Cup and Spain won. A duo from Spain was there playing great Spanish songs and when Spain won there was dancing and cheering as you can see.

3 thoughts to “Dinner in the Park”

  1. Bon jour Linda! Thank you for the video…I see everyone was enjoying the sunshine around the fountain the day you were there. The Spanish singing and dancing were fun…I wanted to join in.

  2. The sky looked so beautiful on that day you were taking photos. That’s a pretty fancy tent to eat dinner in, not like camping out at all. Thanks for sharing.

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