And The Sun Sets

Sunsets are really late here in France in the Summer, after 10 PM and it’s not truly dark until later. Some photos around the Tuleries Garden when we were there and as we left.

A soft pink sky.

The ferris wheel lit up with the Louvre to the right.

The pyramid at the Louvre.

The sun coming through the small Arc there.

Yet one more photo of the ferris wheel.

The covered passages along Rue de Rivoli.

A well lit building at Palais Royal.

5 thoughts to “And The Sun Sets”

  1. I’m not sure I’d be able to stay up to see the sunset! You got some gorgeous shots. And even stayed up to get some full dark shots.

  2. Beautiful,beautiful Paris! You can’t know how much I miss it, and you and Maurice, and Barbara, and the Avenue du Bel Air.

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