We aren’t out and about at night in Paris very often so it’s always a treat when we are.

I see Bruce is coming to Paris. I’ve never seen one of his concerts and don’t know much of his music except, Born in the USA. A wonderful woman used to come to Paris often before she passed away was just mad about him. She went to a sold out concert here in Paris and was able to score two tickets up front-she was in heaven. When she heard I didn’t know his music, she sent me a CD to listen to.

I often look at feet on the metro interested to see the shoes which are mostly tennis shoes in fact.

The train gets pretty empty by the time we get to our station. This is one of the newer trains for the renovated, automatic line one.

A window on our block. They look so great at night when the light shines out into the dark.

A full moon watched over us as we walked the last block home.

4 thoughts to “Night”

  1. I’ve been to two Bruce Springsteen concerts, but I was much younger, as was he. Your windows look so inviting. I can’t wait to have a French window to come home to.

  2. I am checking out your blog. Found it through Paulita. Very cool. I like the picture of the metro and the feet. I think I’ll take a picture of me on The Toronto Subway on the way home and post for you tomorrow. I have seen Bruce Springsteen under a full moon sky in Toronto’s Skydome aka the ROGERS CENTRE.
    He’s very energetic, romantic and edgy (bad boy).

  3. The pros and cons of separated train carriages! I like the openness but might not be much fun with drunks wandering about late at night.

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