In Two Blocks

The other day I was at the St Germain des Pres metro stop and I had just a short time there but I had my camera and I decided to go quickly up Rue Bonaparte and Rue Jacob and see what I could find in ten minutes or so.

Would you believe that this window is in a building that is attached to the St Germain des Pres Church? There is a whole section of the church that looks like an apartment building and I assume that church officials live there.

On the other side of the church is this little park with people enjoying the sun-it was hot this day. There is a little sculpture by Picasso there. I assume it’s a copy as surely it could be stolen by some enterprising thief.

The sales that last for a month have started. It’s when most French people buy their clothing from what I have read. I bought most of what I need in the States. It’s just cheaper there.

This bowl in a window interested me. I guess the little orange ball on the outside of the ball makes it easier to beat things like egg whites.

Pretty jewelry for sale. I always love it but, if I buy it, I never wear it for some reason so I’ve learned just to window shop.

4 thoughts to “In Two Blocks”

  1. That colorful retro jewelry is lovely…I’d never wear it either, but I enjoy looking at it. And the first photo with the geraniums in the window makes me want to see what’s inside the room on the other side.

  2. I took a picture of this same window last week when we were there. It looked out of place but so pretty with the flowers. Love it!

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