In A Short Time

See how many photos I took in ten minutes? It was a productive time and I wanted to make the most of it. It doesn’t hurt that this part of Paris is loaded with photo ops.

I often see buildings with niches in the wall with missing statues so it was nice to see all of the niches filled on this apartment building.

Many cafes put out tables on the sidewalk and they are always full on nice days.

I love to go out and hear jazz. I’ve actually been to this place and the music was great.

The wall around this street sign badly needs repairing but I like it anyway.

A pretty common street art. I think the artist calls himself Mr. Kat.

4 thoughts to “In A Short Time”

  1. I think if I had a niche with a missing statue, I’d put something there — maybe a tall vase or a topiary tree. I’m so jealous of everyone sitting in a cafe along the street.

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