In Ten Minutes

Some more of what I saw in a short time the other day in the St Germain des Pres area, all in shop windows.

I don’t play chess but I’d love this little set with Napoleon as the king. I have no place at all I could place it.

Ladurée has cute windows again. I hear there is a new little shop in the Louvre Museum mall now.

They have a few little Hello Kitty themed things. I saw a little Japanese girl’s eyes light up when she saw this. I think Hello Kitty started either in Japan or London but Japan seems to have made it their own. It’s going to be the mascot for the Olympics too.

This pretty pottery caught my eye. It’s made in Provence and I always used to see it for sale but at half the price.

Bookcase seen through the window of a very interesting shop with all sorts of things scientists or doctors would be interested in. I love a bookcase with a ladder. I don’t know why. It probably has to do with a movie I once saw, now forgotten. Maybe an English one.

4 thoughts to “In Ten Minutes”

  1. Laduree now has a shop at CDG Terminal 2E, which made it super-easy to pick up some fresh macarons to take to the States on my last visit. Since they only last maybe 4 days, they need to be fresh! I love the chess set, too, and I haven’t played since I was a pre-teen.

    Hello Kitty as the mascot for the Olympics? Ugh. I am so over that damn Kitty.

  2. I love French shop window displays. But how do you manage to take pictures with a minimum of glare? I seem to end up mostly with a picture of my reflection.

  3. I also don’t play chess but am forever seeing chess sets I’d love to own. They would look so lovely in the library-with-a- ladder that I don’t own. 🙂

  4. That bookcase photo looks fake because it is so perfect. What is the word for chess in French? One of my sons loves to play, but we could never make it clear to our French friends what we were talking about. I’m not crazy about Hello Kitty and she doesn’t seem particularly athletic.

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