Saturday Market

I always try to take my camera with me when we go to the market at Nation on Saturday. There’s always something to take a photo of.

There’s always prepared, ready to take home food for sale. Lots of Paella and lasagna. This is sort of a salad with tuna in gelatine. I tried to make it once and wasn’t that impressed but I thought this looked really good.

Lots of cute little quiches to go.

Farmers selling their fresh eggs. They are almost always brown shelled. Sometimes there are enormous white geese eggs.

People lined up to buy horse meat. I have never tried it and don’t think I ever will knowingly.

Italian traitors selling gnochi, and other fresh pasta. I love parmesan cheese like these for sale.

3 thoughts to “Saturday Market”

  1. A few summers ago when a French girl stayed with us, she begged me to buy the brown shelled eggs over the white shelled eggs. It didn’t make a difference to me, so I did, but thought it was funny that it freaked her out so much. Grace told me that white chickens lay white eggs, and darker chickens lay brown eggs. I guess we have mostly white chickens here in the U.S.

  2. All looks good Linda , except the terrine .. I haven’t tried one, just don’t like the look of the jelly stuff .. otherwise I love love the French markets 🙂

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