Looking Up, Looking Down

There’s something special about the stairways in Parisian apartment buildings. I like ours but I especially like these in the apartment building of a friend, probably because there’s no carpet.

Looking up.

Two views looking down. Just love the wood and the rod iron.

This sort of looks like modern art but it’s actually some old gas lines that you can see as the wall usually covering them was removed for repair.

3 thoughts to “Looking Up, Looking Down”

  1. Hi Linda,

    We are coming your way so I’ll get to experience all the great things you are always sharing with us! A question… would it be best to stay on Rue Rivoli area or south of Champs-Elysses? We ‘narrowed’ it down to 20 hotels and have to decide. We plotted them all on the map and seems like those two areas kept popping up. We’ll be in Paris for a week and would prefer being closer to metro. Think of a Texan in Paris. 🙂

    We’re looking in the $250-400 per night range so there are a few nice ones.

    I’m leaning towards Rue Rivoli. Any thoughts?

    Your Fan in Texas

  2. Those stairs are gorgeous. I like the naked wood too…but…isn’t it awfully loud when people go up and down the stairs? Do the residents hear all of their neighbors going in and out, or are those ancient walls soundproof? Thanks for some more great photos, I love seeing so many different views of the city.

  3. The light in this stairwell is amazing too. The intricate detail on the iron railings, the polished handrail…I can see why you love this, and yes, Rebecca, I can imagine the clack, clack, clack of a high-heeled pair of shoes going down those stairs. Patti, do you need a tour guide from Ohio to come along? I’m jealous that you have $250-$400 to spend on a hotel room. We usually stay in a hotel that costs about $100 per night, but we don’t care cause we’re in France!!

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