I was up in Montmartre again the other day. I have two friends who live there so it seems like I go to the area a lot. A few photos of my last visit.

Signs there to help tourists.

I like the metro sign outside the Lamarck metro stop.

My friend and I went inside a cafe on her street for a drink. While we were sitting there a man sat at a table on the sidewalk in front of us in the sun and where smokers sit and ordered a beer. Shortly afterwards a cute, young blond girl sat down a table away from him. He did a double take, being not only a man but French, and said something to her and soon they were in a conversation to which we shamelessly listened to. She ordered a glass of white wine. I had a friend once who dated a Frenchman and when she ordered a glass of wine one evening he told her that French women never order wine then, just a kir or a beer. You are looked at like you are an alcoholic or something if you do that. I was wondering if the Frenchman we were looking at was thinking the same thing. She ended up having three glasses while we were there. She was English but spoke French very well. We wondered if they would end up having dinner that night followed by a romantic interlude. If he would sleep with her as a one night stand. I guess we will never know. Something surely happened. He seemed pretty in to her.

The sign to the toilet downstairs.

The toilet itself. You don’t often see such cheerful red and white tile in France-just on table cloths.

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  1. I love that you got to see this little tableau play out and imagined quite the romance between this pair. Another book I am reading said the French don’t date “around.” They date only one person at a time. Don’t know if that means they don’t sleep around…

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