A Little Trip

We made a quick trip to Chatelaillon where we will one day-maybe October sometime-have an apartment on the beach. The town itself is in the region south of Brittany called Charentes Maritime. We had to pick out things for the kitchen which, by the way, is not included in the apartment. You have to pick it out separately from another company. People often take their kitchen appliances and cabinets with them when they move. Anyway, it seems like all we have done lately is pick out tile and flooring but here we were doing it once again.

A look at the tide out at a harbor not far from where we will be.

It’s an area known for its oysters and mussels. We had moules and frites as they call them and they arrive at the table like this. The lid is then used to put the empty shells in.

Close up of the mussels. They are cooked in a closed pot with onions and wine in the bottom to steam them and give flavor. So good.

Afterwards. Didn’t leave one uneaten.

It’s hard to picture what a place will look like when finished when you see it looking like this. All I know is that we have a lot of furniture and I know already that it won’t all fit in here. Going to be interesting.

4 thoughts to “A Little Trip”

  1. Oh Linda, this will eventually become a wonderful retreat for you. I am looking forward to see what the appartment will look like………and what a wonderful tide area.

  2. It’s funny that people are always joyful when they say, “We get to customize it” then it’s such a pain to pick out everything! I knew about the French taking their kitchens with them from watching House Hunters International. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Can’t wait to see the finished product. It will be wonderful.
    Germany also takes kitchens when they move.
    Have a glorious weekend Linda

  4. You guys must pros by now in the tile and floor picking-out department! Those moules look wonderful. I always have enjoyed moules and frites in Belgium but haven’t tried them in France. It looks like they’re prepared the same way. Did you eat them using an empty shell for a fork?

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