Wednesday Flea Market

While eating lunch at a little village called les Bouchelers, I saw a little flea market set up where, it turns out, there is a flea market every Wednesday. They had some interesting things a little different from what I usually see in Paris.

A look at one of the booths set up there. I bought a globe there fairly cheaply for my daughter in law who is starting to decorate with a sort of shabby chic look. It’s not a real antique, although it looked like one and I’m going to save it for her birthday or Christmas as she is hard to buy for as she is very creative and her place is full of interesting things. I’m always glad when inspiration strikes.

I liked this painting.

This type of plate is made in Quimper, a city north of us in Brittany.

I think these two figures are made to make dolls.

A plate with Joan of Arc. I was tempted as it seemed so unusual. I didn’t buy anything for myself though. I have to wait and see what we will need, if anything, in our new place.

Photogenic pipes for sale.

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