I saw a lot of red while walking around Rue Montorgueil. It’s a fun area to explore-better than rue Cler in my opinion.

Interesting name for a cafe. I bet a lot of jet lagged tourists wander into this place.

Looks inviting to me.

“I don’t love anything. I’m a Parisian”. I think they must have an attitude problem although I haven’t really seen it.

A newly renovated restaurant which looks really fabulous.

From an advertisement for American films filmed in France. One of my favorite scenes from Funny Face. Fred Astaire is a photographer who photographs Audrey Hepburn around Paris. I like seeing scenes from Paris in the 50’s.

4 thoughts to “Red”

  1. I’m with you – I think rue Clar is overrated. That Louvre staircase scene with Audrey in “Funny Face” is one of my all time favorite scenes from any film. And another is Gene and Leslie dancing to “Our Love is Here to Stay” along the banks of the Seine in “An American in Paris.” (Have you and Maurice recreated that scene? I always thought it would be fun to do that.)

  2. I agree about Rue Montorgueil. I love that street, and the area in the 2nd. The Jet Lag is new to me.

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