Passage Vivienne

I’ve written about this place many times, a shopping “mall” lost in time preserved as it was from long ago.

A cow which I think I’ve shown before but they’ve gussied him up a bit with some flowers making him look sacred.

Isn’t this a well done window for a shop selling glasses?

A book store is there and has been for many years.

The book store has this map in the window showing Paris in the 14th century. I would love to have one like it but the owner doesn’t have any for sale. I got the information from the map and am going to see if I can get a copy for myself.

A welcoming restaurant.

I just liked this little sculpture on the corner of a building.

7 thoughts to “Passage Vivienne”

  1. The glasses shop window is very whimsical. I’d go in if I needed glasses. I also wish I could have a day to browse in that book shop.

  2. Paris is looking very colorful these days. I’d be spending a lot of time at that bookstore…perhaps they have one or two books in English?

  3. Hi Linda, when Bob and I were watching Olympic tennis (Serena and Maria) yesterday we wondered if you and Maurice were there!

    Paris is looking beautiful as always. Sorry I’ve not been commenting – too much travel taking up my time – but I’m watching your new home take shape – what a lovely place. Hope all continues to go well…………………..

    Hugs – Mary

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