Rab Island, Croatia

While my blog lately has made it look like I have been in Paris, I have actually been on a trip to Croatia. (Follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page for real time events). Last year my son and his family went to Croatia for a medieval festival and also to spend time on a beach. It turns out that Croatia has very few sandy beaches and the largest one happens to be on Rab. Anyway, I talked them into making the same trip again as the fair sounded like fun. I haven’t been to Croatia before so was excited to see a new place. Rab is up in the northwest part of Croatia. We never made it down to Dubrovnik-that’s still on my list of places I want to visit. When we arrived in Croatia there was a huge wind storm going on. We didn’t see one boat in the water as we drove along and I was afraid that the ferry we needed to take to Rab Island wouldn’t be running but it was. I don’t know what we would have done if it hadn’t been.

This is what they call Rab Town, where the festivities took place. We stayed at an enormous camping ground where RVs and tents abounded but there were also little air conditioned mobile homes which we rented. I am not a fan of camping in tents. Last year there was an enormous rain storm during the night which just about blew my son and his family away as they tried to hold everything down. This photo is the view we had from the camp ground mobile home. We sat and looked at it often on a little porch.

Hard to beat the moon over the Adriatic Sea.

One of several towers in Rab Town which was full of interesting buildings.

What was left of an ancient church.

Lavender was for sale at this shop. We found out that they grew lavender on the island and that it had just been harvested.

Have to have one photo of a window.

Fireworks pouring down a castle wall on the first night-there were three nights of the festival.

Food was for sale too. This pastry was fried then dusted with powdered sugar.

Everyone selling food or items for sale dressed in costumes. I thought this dress of a lady selling things made of dry flowers, was especially beautiful.

This sweet lady was crocheting and selling things she had made.

There were lights under the water on one side of the island with boats going back and forth looking for fish.

Some men making or repairing webs. All sorts of things being done as they were in medieval times.

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  1. I remember seeing my grandfather repair his trawling net in Grand Isle LA, back in the late fifties. I know that there are still trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico, I just assume there is some more modern way of repairing the nets. Or maybe they are cheaper to replace now. But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that hand repairs were the norm through the sixties, or even into the seventies. At least for the family owned trawlers, if not for the large commercial operations.

    Huge fan of technology that I am, I stop every now and then to remember the “old days” and give thanks for the things we now take for granted. Especially things like Skype and Face Time, or even just texting photos to family who are grateful to see what faraway loved ones are up to. But even things we’ve had for a long while now, like basic computers. I still shudder when I think of writing term papers on a typewriter. πŸ˜‰

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