Like Italy

Next on our agenda in Croatia, not far from Pula, was Rovinj, totally unknown to me. I didn’t know what to expect except that our guide book said it was the most Italian of Croatian cities. It turned out to be just beautiful with a fabulous old city sitting on a lovely harbor. When we arrived we didn’t know where we were going to stay so we parked our car and walked around the streets a while and finally arrived at the harbor and found a hotel sitting right there overlooking the water. We went in and asked if they had a room and, if so, was there parking and air conditioning (it was very hot). And they did. The room had a small balcony that looked over the water. It was an old hotel, the Adriatic, but such a fabulous location. It was a good find.

If you didn’t know better, you would think you were in Venice.

I loved this arch with buildings glowing with Italian like colors seen through the arch.

It was really fun to wander through the narrow streets with the shiny rock surfaces.

Laundry hung everywhere overhead. I liked that the laundry here was tinged lilac like the building.

We climbed to the top of the hill to find this church, the Church of St. Euphemia, who is seen on top of the church and I read that the statue will turn on its axis depending on the wind although I didn’t see it happen. Her sarcophagus lies inside the church.

We climbed the tower of the church and saw this beautiful view with the harbor below. We could see our hotel too.

We got to see the sunset there.

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  1. Wow Linda, such a great find, and what a fabulous place to go. Yes just like Italy,.. I love your photos in your post below too. Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

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