On our way back from Croatia, via Switzerland, we went through Annecy where Maurice’s aunt and uncle live for a quick visit. I first visited there where we were married and it’s just a beautiful place. I probably take the same photos over and over again but here they are again.

We had to go through the Mont Blanc tunnel which not only costs a lot but is a long ride under the mountain. There was a horrible wreck in the tunnel about ten years ago when thirty people died due to a truck fire so now cars and trucks are spaced out a long distance from each other to prevent it happening again. This shows the entry to the tunnel.

This is a photo I took of another photo that Maurice’s aunt had. It’s Maurice’s father who died during WWII. Wasn’t he handsome? I’m hoping to get a copy of this made.

An old prison in Annecy which is full of canals (the city not the prison).

Reflections in the water.

I liked the color of this building.

Annecy sits on this beautiful lake.

4 thoughts to “Annecy”

  1. I’ve heard of Annecy but never visited. It looks lovely. So sad that Maurice grew up without a father because of World War II and his father looked so young and innocent.

  2. Beautiful Annecy – I never tire of looking at those photos.

    Such a dashing photo of Maurice’s dad! And there certainly is a strong resemblance. I hope you get a copy to put alongside the adorable baby picture of Maurice and his sister.

  3. Beautiful. I love the photo of the three colors of houses reflected in the water. An artist’s eye, Linda.

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