Paris At Three Feet

I always thought it would be interesting to put a camera on the head of a kid as he wandered around Paris so you could get a different view than normal. I also wish I had thought of the title originally. I would have used it to write a guide book for children but I heard it from someone else. I brought two of my grandsons back with us from Switzerland and have been showing them around Paris. As usual, I try not to show there faces.

Jogging on Promenade Plantee with Maurice.

I don’t know why he pulled the hood down over his face but I took the photo anyway.

I took them to Picpus Cemetery since it is in our neighborhood and saw this sweet little note left by a fan of General Lafayette.

Pretending to grafitti.

Taking photos.

Arch de Triomphe.

Pont Alexandre III

Eiffel Tower. We climbed the stairs to the second level.

Looking at the locks on a bridge behind Notre Dame.

Watching a boat on the canal as it goes through the locks.

5 thoughts to “Paris At Three Feet”

  1. My, how they’ve grown! My fav is the one looking over the Pont Alexandre III…and looking at the Arch…and taking photos.

  2. I bet you are having the best time with those boys. The striped shorts in the photo where your grandson is taking photos look so Swiss. I bet they are different kinds of tourists than American grandkids would be. Enjoy.

  3. I had to come back to share something. I need a mobility scooter to get around now and it has often occured to me that I am seeing things from my smallest granddaughters height now. She jogs alongside in the super market.
    It can be scary down there with everything looming over your head.

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