Around the Pompidou

I went with my family to the Pompidou Museum to find it closed as it was Tuesday-totally forgot. Anyway, the area around the museum is so interesting that we found lots to do and see. We even saw some gypsies doing their scam, trying to get people to sign a petition and then asking for money and trying for a hit at pick pocketing which seemed to interest my grandsons more than anything else-they talked about it for days at any rate. When we saw three gypsy girls surrounding a lone girl, my dil started shouting “Pickpockets!” and they ran off.

The Stravinsky fountain right next to the museum. All of the forms used to turn as they sprayed water but, for some reason, most of them don’t work now.

Very colorful.

A huge grafitti on the side of a building.

Art work on the sidewalk.

The lady making these giant bubbles let the grandkids help her. It looks like it would be easy to duplicate at home if you had the right bubble solution.

One of the big bubbles on the side of a building.

This guy came rolling by. The vehicle made music and things twirled around. I don’t know if he gave rides or not.

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  1. Your grandkids had some amazing adventures. You’re all lucky to have each other. At what point does really good grafitti become art?

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