The French Revolution

While my grandsons were here, we did some exploration with sites and objects having to do with the French Revolution.

We visited the Conciegerie where Marie Antoinette and hundreds of others (total over 1000 executed) were held awaiting trial and, usually, a trip to the guillotine.

A photo of an old print there showing what it looked like several hundred years ago.

Poor Marie Antoinette who, although it doesn’t look like it in this print, was only 38 when she was beheaded.

A recreation of the room where she was held. Robespierre spent his last night there too. His trip to the guillotine ended “The Terror”.

Here, in a rather bad photo, is an actual guillotine found in a police museum.

A commemorative coin made of the beheading of Louis XVI. They were doing such things even back then which shouldn’t surprise me, but it does.

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  1. Wow! I don’t remember the commemorative coin – that’s rather gruesome. I visited the Conciegerie many years ago and found it fascinating. Those huge rooms where the horses and the men stayed, the immense fireplaces, and the little shoes that were worn by the Dolphin left an impression – it’s such an interesting place. Your little grandsons must have enjoyed it.

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