Here and There

I was near les Halles, which is not very enjoyable or photographable but get a few blocks away and there is charm.

I loved this long alley with the pavement shiny from the rain.

A nearby passage had some interesting objects above the doors.

Lovely dragonfly.

Surely they sell glasses here.

Some antiques and used furniture for sale. I sort of like that container with fire written on it. Seeing as I have no red in my place, I don’t think I need it.

2 thoughts to “Here and There”

  1. I can’t imagine there’s any place in Paris that would not provide great photos. You do find some strange things though, like that elephant head.

  2. I would like to just pull up a chair at one end of the first photos street and just sit and look. Just wonderful.
    Paris needs to pay you for the wonderful job you do of showing them off to good advantage.

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