Canal St Martin

The Canal Saint Martin is an interesting place to walk around, or along, I should say. There is usually a boat having to stop at a lock so that’s entertaining to watch and it’s pleasant to be near the water under the shade of trees or over it looking from the top of a bridge.

A boat waiting for the water to lower inside the lock to move to the next section of the canal which, by the way, was put in by Napoleon to bring in water for drinking into Paris.

Same boat further back.

At this point, the boats go underground for a while.

One of the bridges crossing the canal.

And another.

2 thoughts to “Canal St Martin”

  1. How can I have been to Paris so many times and have no idea this canal system existed? Thanks for showing me another interesting part of Paris.

  2. I have been up to that area, but never been on the river trip … My friend Karin lives near there , so that is how I know about it, Also walked from another area and ended up at Canal St Martin once!!!

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