Princess Diana

Princess Diana died on August 31st here in Paris fifteen years ago. She is still remembered by visitors to the flame which is situated over the tunnel where she died.

This flame was already in place when the accident occurred. It is a replica of the flame on the torch of the Statue of Liberty in NYC but became the memorial for Diana afterwards. There are always people there looking.

Pictures and flowers left there.

Hard to believe that it is fifteen years ago. Many still think her death was a conspiracy. I wouldn’t be surprised actually.

I just liked the shape of this nearby metro sign.

2 thoughts to “Princess Diana”

  1. I remember hearing the news for the first time, it wouldn’t register in my mind. I just cried. My girls were young at the time, they probably thought something was wrong with me!

    Last year, my husband took me to the visiting Diana exhibit here in the U.S. I was able to see her gowns and the most touching childhood artifacts. A life cut too short in my opinion.

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