Walk With Talent

There is a very nice friend with an apartment right across from ours who lets friends and family stay when she’s not there. She’s nice enough to let my family stay there occasionally. The apartment is usually empty and the man who lives below her apartment is very spoiled with no noise going on above his head. I hear a lot of noise both above and below our own apartment. Sometimes, I swear a bowling ball has been dropped up above. I can hear the lady above us get up in the morning, flush the toilet and I know when her daughter and grandbaby are visiting. That’s just a part of apartment living. So, shortly after my son and his family arrived we found this note on the door. The abbreviations, or lack there of, are his:

I live downstairs I am already come to you to tell you to do a little less noise: please can move objects delicately not walk with talent and tell kids to avoid the jog.
This morning I have not been able to work usually
Thank you.

If anyone knows how to keep young boys from running, please let me know. The apartment has a long hall and what else are boys going to do when presented with that? So the man is just going to have to suffer until they leave. It was less than a week total. I just sort of enjoyed the note, not that it did any good.

Two of the boys in motion but outside this time.

5 thoughts to “Walk With Talent”

  1. Ah ah ! This really gave me a good laugh!

    Humm … Let’s think for a while, avoiding walking with “talent” it can only mean that you have to abstain from sophisticated “haute couture” model’s catwalks in your apartment. So, provide you don’t do that, all bases are covered! 🙂
    Well saying that French suck at foreign languages will always remains an understatement! 🙂 But this guy was indeed certainly referring to heels, which effectively translates as “talons” as said Bold Soul. So are you dancing frantic flamencos in high heel shoes in your “salle à manger”, instead of revelling in soft comfy “charentaises” (good old classical French slippers) as any thoughtful top neighbour should always do? 🙂

    Now for kiddos running in halls there was a good old tried and true consisting in tying them on a chair, but it’s not so much in use anymore! 🙂

    Well now we are two enjoying the note! 🙂

  2. At least the boys ‘can’ walk with talent! Not many can do that. My walk is completely talentless.
    Very funny note.
    My first apartment had a medicine cabinet with a thin metal back. It was evidently also a shared back with my neighbor. They were fighting constantly and it sounded as if they were right in the bathroom with you.

  3. I think it is a very cute note, charming. At least he wasn’t banging his ceiling with a broomstick! Can you imagine what fun the boys would have had? lol

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