Say “Cheese”

There are many shops along rue Montorgueil, including a couple of fromageries.

Nothing like a lot of choices.

This place also offered little containers full of a variety of small pieces of cheese for an aperatif.

This Camembert would ooze all over the place if it wasn’t for the plastic wrap.

I liked the color of these bottles in the window of a restaurant. They are for a cocktail and it tastes rather bitter to me but it sure looks pretty. My daughter in law actually served me a cocktail made of Aperol when we visited Switzerland and I loved it. It was 1/3 Aperol and 2/3 Proseco (Italian champagne). Perfect.

Isn’t this inviting? I almost ate there but some Thai food was calling my name.

6 thoughts to “Say “Cheese””

  1. Oh, now I am hungry! It all looks so yummy! Adore the little containers with a variety of flavors……Thank you for sharing your life in Paris. I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

    Hoping to persuade the hubby for a trip across the pond…..

  2. Oh God, my all time favorite food. And soooo many varieties. Heaven.

    That restaurant does look inviting. Do you happen to remember the name? I want to add it to my neverending list of places to try. Thanks!

  3. Ah ah ! France can be beaten on some fields but not on the one of cheeses ! 🙂 Now, maybe certain drawbacks come with the territory. I always smile when reminding this famous saying by Charles de Gaulle: “How do you want to rule a country which has 246 varieties of cheeses?” 🙂

  4. The small bits of cheese are a great idea. I’ve seen some stores here doing that, and it’s a wonderful way to sample different varieties without having to make a major investment.

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