Dinner in the Neighborhood

There’s a little restaurant just down the street from us which we had never tried until a friend went there and told us how much she liked it and how nice the owners were so we went and she was right. It’s a nice place with good food and a great ambiance-hard to beat that.

This is the ceiling in the front room. I think it must have once been a patisserie.

The reflection in the mirror in front of where I sat.

Lots of wine to choose from as is normally the case in France.

The dessert menu. What to choose, what to choose?

Maurice and I shared this: a protiferole which is a cream puff filled with vanilla ice cream and covered in hot fudge. Pretty good.

4 thoughts to “Dinner in the Neighborhood”

  1. Beautiful restaurant. HOw do you not go there weekly…..but oh the calories in the profiterole…better when shared.

    The ceiling is lovely. Everything about the venue is grand. Glad you two can enjoy it. What a find.

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