Aix Again

I have to say that Provence still has a piece of my heart. I feel a pang of longing when I think of our time there-the sunflowers, fields of lavender, vineyards and, especially, Aix, one of my favorite cities ever. We really liked our doctors when we lived there and haven’t found any that we think are better in Paris for whatever reason. Maurice needed to see a doctor and we decided to go see one that he liked in Aix and make a weekend of it while we were there. Sort of an expensive doctor’s appointment when you count the tickets to Aix, a hotel, meals and a rental car for one day but, what the heck. A chance to visit Aix is always a good choice.

We saw shutters to protect against the sun.

Old faded advertisements on the sides of buildings.

The entry into a passageway there.

A really nice cheese shop in the passage. I’d love to try some cheese and wine there which is offered upstairs.

Some old friends.

Sunflowers at the market.

My favorite fountain, one of many, against a newly painted building.

6 thoughts to “Aix Again”

  1. LOVE Aix too – Tho I don’t know it real well and plan to return. We visited that cheese shop too while we were there and bought some yummy goat cheese. 🙂

  2. Any excuse for a weekend is a good one 🙂 Now a days, my girls only want to go shopping in the new allées Provençales, so I don’t get into the old pedestrian neighborhood much anymore. I’ll have to ditch them next time…

  3. How lucky for us that you had to take a detour to Aix. Great photos. I love the close up of the fountain with the striking colors of the building behind it.

  4. A friend just decided to move from Paris to Salon. I will always have a friend to visit in Provence on top of wonderful small and boutique hotels per your recommendations.

  5. I, too, love Aix. One day while with a group I “splintered off” and spent the day wandering amongst the GI Joe trees and the many fountains. Stopped for gelato twice!! Good memories. I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

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