You Can’t Go Home Again

While we were in Aix, we rented a car and headed out to the old area where we used to live. I was glad to go again and discover that we were glad we didn’t long to return, that we had made the right choice to sell our home and move. In fact, when we arrived at our old house Maurice insisted that we go and say hello. I didn’t want to, I hate to show up unannounced at someone’s home, but there we were and it turned out that they were very happy to see us. They gave us a tour of our old place and showed us their changes which included taking out two windows in the salon which, really, just let in a bit of light and had no view, taking out an unused door in the kitchen and a totally renovated bathroom which looked fabulous. It made me wonder why we hadn’t thought of the same things. They told us that a neighbor had thrown a sit down dinner for the whole neighborhood to welcome them to the neighborhood, this was from a lady who never had a thing to do with us, never spoke to us and refused to come over for a neighborhood party that we had thrown when we were there. Why, I don’t know. It sort of made me mad but, oh well. I didn’t get any photos of our old home.

We stopped in Lourmarin, a really fabulous village in the Luberon area and they were having a brocant. These metal balls for a game, bocce ball, were for sale, 80 Euros each, and I was tempted because they looked so great.

I loved this menu for a restaurant there.

An inviting terrace for another restaurant.

The ruined castle at la Tour d’Aigues still looking golden in the sun where we came often for the doctor, the market or a drink (in the village, not that castle).

This very old plane tree by a cafe that we often used to get drinks at in la Tour d’Aigues is still being held together by metal rods. There are some green leaves on the tree but I wonder how much longer it will be there before they decide to cut it down.

3 thoughts to “You Can’t Go Home Again”

  1. I always find it a little bit strange to go back to a place I used to live. The only place I regret, is Hawaii, though.
    Did you eat at the Jardin de Mazarin? It’s in the old book store I used to like to go to and I stopped by to look at the menu…which looks good. The deco is interesting, too.

  2. Like you, I would have hesitated to knock on the door. Those bocce balls would be great to display, wouldn’t they. I bet they aren’t so good to play with since they aren’t smooth though — not that I’ve ever played.

  3. So interesting to hear of your visit, and so nice to know you’re not looking back. But we had some wonderful visits there, and we still thank you for so enriching our understanding of Provence. Thanks again for all that gracious hospitality. And when are you coming back to Louisiana? We miss you!

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