On The Edge of Life

My Father hasn’t been well for a while now. He’s had Parkinson’s for years but in the last two years this disease has speeded up and my Father can hardly get around and spends more and more time asleep. He was recently in the hospital for a kidney infection and pneumonia and then in another facility for getting him well and stronger. So the time has come to either have home care or some sort of nursing home. My mother is in good shape really but can’t help him when he falls which happened quite often before he went in the hospital. She doesn’t know what to do for his care and I feel like I need to be there while everything gets arranged. Maurice and I were going to go in November anyway but I had to move my departure up-my, is it expensive to change tickets-and I will be there until the first of December.
I will keep posting here. I have some postings already saved up but I’m not sure how often I will post once those run out. Maybe just one photo at a time as I certainly have many photos saved up-they just won’t be live, so to speak. So, off I go to Arizona. Life can be hard, can’t it?