I was walking around outside the Passage Vivienne with a friend when we saw a really interesting shop full of stuffed animals. We asked if it was connected with Deyrolles, a famous stuffed animal shop, and were told that it wasn’t a museum. I asked if all of the animals were real and the sales lady gave a big sigh-she gave big sighs the whole time we were in there-and said she didn’t have time to answer our questions. I hope she wasn’t the owner as I don’t think she will be in business long. She acted like we were really bothering her. The shop had all sorts of stuffed animals from a lion, to the top part of a giraff, to many birds. I took a couple of photos inside and the rest of the window. I didn’t even get the name of the shop.

A bird in the window.

A group of beautiful blue butterflies.

Some sort of skeleton in the window with reflections of the buildings across the street showing.

This man along with another holding the umbrella were being photographed nearby. I always wonder what is going on but didn’t ask.

I had another occurrence of rudeness the other day. I went into my local pharmacy to get a prescription filled. While there I decided to get a medicine that helps hot flashes. I had an older woman helping me who, up until this day, had always seemed rather friendly. I totally blanked out on the name of what I wanted so I said, “It begins with the letter M, it’s homeopathic, it’s for hot flashes and the box is lavender and white.” I thought that was a lot of clues. I even tried to say what I thought was the name. She acted like she was very insulted and that I was being ridiculous if I thought she could figure out what I wanted. “How could I possibly know what that is? There are hundreds of drugs like that!” I had dealt with an older man in the pharmacy before who was always helpful and nice so I said to her, “He can help me”. She went over and asked him and he knew immediately what I wanted. So why didn’t she? As I have said before, if you can, always get a man to help you when in France, especially if you are a woman. It almost never fails.