This and That

Some photos not necessarily linked but just found around Paris:

I don’t know why but most of my photos of le Madeleine are usually taken from the left but this time I happened to be on the other side.

Found over the door of the Royal Monceau, a luxury hotel down the way from the Arch de Triomphe.

Seen in the window of an art shop. How I wish I were artistic.

I love fresh flowers on a cafe table.

PS-there is a problem with the comments and my son is working to resolve it. I don’t get many comments in any case not being a very controversial blog. I am sending this posting from Arizona where I am helping my mother with my father who has Parkinson’s. I thought he was at the end when I arrived but he has become stronger since we brought him home from the hospital. However, I have discovered that there is often a component of dementia with Parkinson’s and my father definitely has that. A horrible disease.