le Crayeres

On our way back to Paris (now a couple of months ago), my friend and I made a quick stop in Reims to see the Crayeres, a famous luxury hotel and restaurant. It really is beautiful. Trip Advisor had some negative comments about it, some about the snobby staff. We saw a bit of this and it really made me mad when we ordered champagne and only got half a glass full at a full glass price. Things like that just burn me. But, still, it was lovely to sit there and look and the grounds.

As seen from the back.

I love this room.

And this one in the bar.

From the outside.

Loved the autumn sun shining in between these trees.

Very posh place. I don’t often go to places like this which makes it special when I do. I thought of surprising Maurice with a night here for his birthday but I think the cost would overwhelm him so, maybe, just a drink.