Back in September

I found these photos on my camera that I took on a trip to Pere Lachaise back in September. I am in Arizona at the moment where, as you might know, I came to help my Mother as my Dad was ill. I was here when he died and then for the funeral so it was a good thing that I came when I did. It feels strange to look at these photos and remember that day. I’ve been here long enough that it almost feels like another life. I am feeling a need to get back to my home with my own things but I won’t be returning until December so I can only look at photos and remember some of the things I love best about Paris. Visiting Pere Lachaise cemetery is one of those things.

The leaves were just starting to fall and line the little “streets” of the cemetery.

I think most visitors to Pere Lacahise come to see the tomb of Jim Morrison. There’s not much left there but always some sort of momentos left by fans, such as this photo taped to his tomb.

There is often grafitti too written on nearby tombs.

This tomb has become a place to visit for those who want to become pregnant. I assume the flowers and photo on the tomb mean that the visit was sucessful.

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