If You Can’t Do The Wave….

There’s a very famous area outside of Zion called the Wave and, because it is so fragile, only 20 people a day are allowed to visit. You have to enter a lottery to get chosen and we didn’t make it so we went to another area in South Coyote Buttes which was also supposed to be really fabulous and it was.

Our rental jeep. We already had a rental car which was all wheel drive but were told that it wouldn’t be able to handle the roads we had to travel and it turned out to be true. We had to go through very thick sand and needed the high under carriage of the jeep to make it.

We had to trudge through the sand too. At one point I was up to my ankles in sand and it took two days to get all of it out of my shoes.

The entry.

Aren’t these forms incredible? It felt like we were on Mars or on the set of Star Wars.

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