Getting Ready

A photo I liked because of the sky-cactus with flower and a bee

Maurice and I leave Saturday for Paris. It seems like I’ve been here a really long time and I did, in fact, arrive on September 25. I really thought I would just be putting my Father in a nursing home and that he would live for at least one more year. Looking back on it, I’m amazed how quickly he went-12 hours after he started having trouble breathing. Mom and I went through his closet and cleared a few things out for Good Will but many things remain. He was a real clothes horse as they say. It looked like he bought himself a new pair of tennis shoes every six months. I took seven pair to Good Will. The first week or so, the house seemed so strange without him, so empty. I think Mom is slowly getting used to not having him here. I still hate to leave her and I know I will worry about her when I get back to Paris. I plan to return in March. I will be glad to get back to Paris to my own bed, my own things, my cat who has been spoiled by a cat sitter/lover. Life goes on despite losses.

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