Sunrise on the way to the airport.

I have to say that I left pieces of my heart back in Arizona. The morning we left my Mom told me that if something ever happened to Maurice that I could come live with her. I was sort of surprised and said that I thought she must be really tired of me after all of my time at her home but she said she had loved having me there. I don’t know if I could do it full time if it ever came to that-I can only take so much Fox News-but I can see us doing that for a couple of months a year.
When the taxi came to take us to the airport I could tell my Mom was near tears and she said, “I am going to be so lonely” and on the way to the airport I cried and felt as sad as I had at Dad’s funeral. I called her when I got to the airport and she said, “When you left, I cried and cried”. I think my time there after Dad died was a buffer to the lonely time of widowhood to come. She told me she had cried some more, this being the next day after we arrived in Paris, as this will be her first birthday without Dad and then the first Christmas. She’s a very strong woman and I feel sure that she will fill her days despite the sorrow she has to go through and had already arranged to go to church Sunday morning with a friend.
There was a little miracle that occurred before I left. My Dad didn’t believe in insurance and that included part B of Medicare (she has part A) because that involves a monthly fee. We had until December 7th to apply for it but Mom didn’t seem too interested, being sort of apathetic right now and unable to make decisions. I had looked into it for her because she had to have it for supplemental insurance. I had sort of given up on it when an envelope arrived at her house containing a new Medicare card for Mom with both A and B coverage. Maybe my poking around in the government website did something to bring this about but I like to think that Dad did this somehow to make sure Mom was taken care of.

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