Searching For A Creche

I am always looking for a great Creche as we near Christmas. To tell the truth, I’ve been less than impressed with many I see around Paris.

I looked in the St Severin Church known for its “alley” of “palm trees”.

This was it: interesting but not very impressive.

I did like this little boat hanging from the ceiling with what looks like the Holy Family being transported in a boat but it’s always there and has nothing to do with Christmas.

A very simple creche at St-Gervais-et-St-Protais Church.

The cross on a statue of St Antoine there looking like it has been touched by many hands.

Notre Dame has a creche from Sicily which used to be at the St Sulpice Church. It’s enormous with running water and little Satons everywhere. I think this is my favorite.

A little bridge going over the flowing water.

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