Canal Saint Martin

Here it is, January 1st, 2014. My 2013 sure went by quickly. I’m here at the home of my son in Switzerland where we “rang in the New Year”. Here is a post that I put together a couple of weeks ago:

The new hot area to either live in or just visit for a walk along the water, a cup of coffee or a meal is that around the Canal Saint Martin. On a pretty Sunday afternoon Maurice and I ventured out to explore a bit.

Photogenic bridges arch over the canal. If you haven’t seen the French movie Amelie, do so. One of these bridges is in the movie and you get a look at a lot of other places in Paris.

A look from a bridge down the canal.

The other direction as it curves away.

It’s always fun to watch a boat move through the locks.

Many cafes and coffee places abound. Most of them sell vegan or vegetarian fare.

Cute window of a toy store.

It was a little chilly so Maurice and I stopped for hot chocolate.


I was walking along a little street in the Marais with a friend and we spotted this interesting restaurant:

L’etre Ange, Angel Being I think is what it means. Found at 8 rue Ormesson.

I loved seeing this when we walked in.

Nice menu with this salad looking particularly tasty.

Dressed up deer.

They sold kitchen items there as well. Very nice store.

Right across the street was a shop selling only Absinthe, a French drink I’m not very fond of-but I liked this poster.

You place sugar cubes on the holders over the cups and let the absinthe run over them. Love the glass absinthe server.

Around The Marais

When I told Maurice where I was going he said, “You’re going to the Marais again?” What can I say? I love it there.

First of all, could you have a prettier day? There was a chilly wind, though, but who wants to be inside when the sun is shining?

Interesting window.

This is olive oil with flakes of gold in it. I don’t know why you would want that but I bet it makes a really beautiful salad. Expensive, as you might imagine.

I’m still finding autumn leaves around. I heard just the other day that leaves turn later and hang on longer in cities because the buildings hold the warmth in. I thought it had more to do with light but hard to argue with when you still see golden leaves.

Eat and Drink

For those of you reading this on Christmas day, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year filled with love, health and new discoveries. We were at my daughter in law’s for Christmas Eve and didn’t sit down to eat until 10:30 PM. There were three young children who were still up and going strong when we left at 2 AM. In the Eat and Drink theme-all of those children, including those aged two, ate foie gras. Starts young in France.

Paris is packed with places to eat and drink. Some are new or just new to me.

The Smiths Bakery on Rue de Buci is new to me. It’s English owned and has good scones and great looking quiche.

A look at the interior from the sidewalk.

Some of the yummy offerings.

Look at this view! You can see it from the top of a building in a bland neighborhood, the 11th, at 14 rue Crespin du Gast called le Bar du Perchoir-the perch. You enter an unmarked building, take the elevator to the 7th floor and find this surprise.

I think it would be especially nice in the summer but right now it is definitely chilly and blankets are offered if you want to sit outside or you can go to the bar which is covered with a clear plastic tent.

I liked the ambiance.

To take the chill off, I had vin chaud, hot mulled wine.

Countdown to Christmas

A few more Christmas photos from Paris as Christmas approaches.

The stunning entrance to the Relais Christine.

With a pretty wreath there hanging outside.

A Santa wearing white instead of the usual Coke red outfit.

A simple silver star in the glass.

Some Christmas decorations seen through a hotel window.

Don’t these look like angels? It was dark outside and the lights in the store were off but they had lit up the interior of these dresses. I loved it.

A Bowl of Christmas

I was in a store the other day which had really lovely decorations for sale.

I love things like this-really elegant and beautiful. I didn’t buy anything. In fact, unless Maurice suggests it, I probably won’t even get a tree. I did put out some candles though.

Another bowl of pretty ornaments.

You can put ornaments in a glass vase too-pretty.

In a nearby boulangerie, the first one owned by Polaine in fact, was decorated bread.

Isn’t this bread great? I love to see creativity.