Favorite French Recipes

It seems that you keep running across the same dishes as you go to meals. I don’t know if it’s because of magazines, TV cooking shows or the Internet but I recently have had the same dish, a sort of terrine, also called a verrine, at three different places.

Isn’t it a pretty dish? I had it served as a starter twice and as an hors d’ouvres once, plus I have made it twice. Everyone loves it.

The base in the dish above which, by the way, is a plastic glass, is chopped tomatoes with a little olive oil and salt and pepper added.
Next is Crème fraîche, a type of sour cream. Add chopped chives to this and make it the next layer.
Then put chopped avocado mixed with smoked salt and lemon juice on top.
Slices of smoked salmon go next.
Stick a little shoot of chive into each dish, chill for at least one hour, and you look like a cooking star.

I also had it with just crème fraîche mixed with chopped cucumbers, chives and salmon all together seen above, served with tiny little spoons.

Another time, it was guacamole on the bottom, crème fraîche, then smoked trout and a little bit of caviar which gave a nice, salty little crunch with each bite. I was thinking maybe a little chopped, crisp bacon might add a nice touch or even-I just read about this-bacon salt, if the salmon isn’t too salty itself.

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