From The Alps

Walking around the Marais the other day, heading in the direction of the Enfants Rouges market, I passed this restaurant. It was on a little side street and the name caught my eye. I’m always on the outlook for wine places although, to tell the truth, I seldom have a drink at one. I like the idea though.

This sign caught my eye. She looks a bit like Little Red Riding Hood to me. The place is called, Wine, Bread, Fromage, as you can see. They serve dishes found in the Alps, such as Raclette and Fondue.

An old fondue pot in the window.

As was this interesting dish which I actually know the use of. They put wine in it and each person around the table drank out of his own individual spout. What’s strange about it is that they used to put a toad (I assume a dead one) in the drink–really!! Don’t you wonder how the world that came about? I can think of all sorts of stories. As far as I know, it’s no longer done. It’s also true that deep in the country of Russia, people would put a live frog in their milk, which would kick around like crazy trying to get out and make a bit of butter. It would certainly put me off milk.

Seen across the street-a rather unusual grafitti. Sort of cute.

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