Starting Again

Finally, Maurice and I were able to go to Chatelaillon, on the beach, to approve our new place and move in. Our furniture has been in storage for almost two years. Our place, one of fourteen in the building, was supposed to be ready in October but, for many reasons including some bad weather, January turned out to be the finishing date. It turns out, that while our apartment was ready to move in to, the rest of the building is still being worked on. There are workmen here everyday doing various things. The worst thing is that there is a leak in the basement/garage area with some serious water on the floor and, in the week that we’ve been here, hasn’t been fixed. We would have been in a week earlier if the kitchen people hadn’t double booked. Because we moved in a week later than planned, our move-in day occurred during what looked like a gale to me. The wind howled and there were periods of extremely heavy rainfall. Somehow we got everything moved in with just a soggy box here and there. In France-I’m not sure about the rest of Europe-the kitchen is not included in the cost of a new place. You have to go to a kitchen store, pick out what you want, and have it installed. It adds to final costs as you might imagine. Also, there are only bare bulbs in the ceiling and light fixtures have to be bought, along with towel racks and toilet paper holders. Money-ours-is flowing.
Even so, we love our new place, our second home (we will still keep our Paris place) and even though it’s still winter have enjoyed our little village and just sitting looking at the view. We will be here a week or so more and then go back to Paris until late Spring sometime. I really look forward to being here this Summer. I think it will be great. I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean and, finally, here I am taking a photo of a sunrise or sunset just about every day.

copy IMG_1102
A soft sunrise.

copy IMG_1100
A nice sky seen from our balcony.

copy DSC01169
This is a huge area for oyster harvesting and when the tide goes out, and it goes waaaay out, you can see rocky areas where, I’m assuming, oysters once grew naturally. Now I think there is a type of growing them inside baskets. This photo shows an area where the tide has gone out. I liked the reflections of the clouds in the water left behind.

copy DSC01161
Oyster shells by the thousands found on the sand after a storm.

copy DSC01164
I love the foam left behind as a wave retreats.
So, more photos around our new place to come and then a return to Paris.

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